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ICC Security Team satisfies with security situation in Karachi


ICC Security team is in Karachi to assess the security situation in City. On 11 Feb full dress rehearsals were carried out. All security forces display their firmness for this event to happen in Karachi. All things were displayed from traveling of a team from Airport to Hotel and then from hotel to Stadium in a specific time. Helicopters were watching a situation from the top and 4 layered security rings were present. On most outer ring Police forces were deployed and in a most inner ring, Pakistan Army and rangers were present. One of the countries camera control panel has been set up in Karachi Stadium to monitor the situation.
On talking to media Reg Dickason said that“From what we have seen today and what was demonstrated and documentation and level of commitment by all of these people here, I am very very satisfied,”
“It was such comprehensive, thorough and professional presentation with the efforts of all agencies including that of Najam Sethi from the PCB and the board’s security department. It is very encouraging and it will be reflected in any subsequent report I will give to the PCB and the ICC,”
He was very pleased with all the security measures taken for this event and lauded security officials by saying professionalism of Pakistani security agencies and termed the arrangements as “as good as in any other country.”
This kind of security measure will create hindrances for crowds to get in a stadium in a regular manner. But Interior minister of a province told that he will do everything in his control to make as much fewer problems for a crowd and make things done in a more regular manner for people those will come to watch final of PSL 2018.
Special committees are sitting on regular bases those are chaired by the Chief Minister of Sindh to assess the situation and know how things are happening. Police officials are preparing and sending reports on daily bases. Renovation of National Stadium Karachi is also in full swing. Shades on crowd sitting areas are getting changed and other re ovations are happening. All administration of a city is dedicated and in showing full commitment to make this event successful for Pakistan.


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