Peshawar Zalmi who has huge amount of fan following. Pashtuns around the globe support Peshawar Zalmi, they considered this team as their team. Peshawar Zalmi has a legacy of releasing great songs, Rappers were hired to make songs for Peshawar Zalmi. For Pakistan Super League 2018 Peshawar Zalmi Song has been released. British-Pakistani award winner Maz Bonafid has been hired to make a Zalmi song for PSL 3. Maz Bonafid an award winner singer, whop has a great fan following. Maz was contacted to make two songs for Peshawar Zalmi for PSL 2018. “Zalmi Zalmi” and “Yellow Storm” are two songs those are going to be called as Peshawar Zalmi Anthems for PSL 2018. “Zalmi Zalmi” song has been released this week by Peshawar Zalmi and it has created a fuss among fans. Fans are liking it and another song Yellow Storm has been released Check it Out in Below Videos.

Check out a song below. Allrights reserved for Zalmi Tv.

Peshawar Zalmi Song Yellow Storm has been released Check it now.


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