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Sharjah Cricket Stadium| Stats, Matches, Details


Sharjah Cricket Stadium is one of the historic cricket stadium present on a globe. This stadium has its own uniqueness, because of shorter boundaries and presence of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka makes it a buzzing stadium whenever matches got played here. This stadium was first seen an international cricket match in 1984 which was played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Sharjah Cricket Stadium was famous for bringing Australian, South African and West Indies cricket teams to play with Sub-continent teams in a different kind of tournaments. Once this stadium was an epicenter of closely contesting cricket matches. Betting in cricket matches malice’s the image of this stadium in 90’s. But due to some strict policies and decisions from ICC. Sharjah Cricket Stadium became able to get rid of those bad things. Nowadays this stadium comes to live again because of Pakistan exile from playing cricket at home and starting of the different T20 premier league around its geographic. Matches of Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, T10 Cricket League and Master Cricket Leagues played here.

Name Sharjah Cricket Stadium
Location Sharjah, UAE
Capacity 27,000
Floodlights Yes
Total Matches 235
Won Team Batting First 127
Won Team Bowling First 106
Average First Innings Score 223
Average Second Innings Score 190
Highest Total 364/7
Lowest Total 54/10
Total Matches 9
Won Team Batting First 4
Won Team Bowling Second 4
Average First Inning Score 352
Average Second Inning Score 352
Average Third Innings Score 212
Average Fourth Innings Score 176
Highest Total 690/10
Lowest Total 53/10
Total Matches 13
Won Team Batting First 9
Won Team Bowling First 4
Average First Innings Score 149
Average Second Innings Score 131
Highest Total 215/6
Lowest Total 90/10


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